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Tire price comparison service in the USA
Tire price comparison service in the USA
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Compare tire prices on Tirecomp to find the best tire deals online

You need new tires for your car? Find the best offers in the US by comparing prices on Tyrecomp! By using our tire price comparison site you will save time and money. Get the best tire prices for summer tires, winter tires, all-season tires on a single website. Thousands of car tire prices are at your fingertips to help you keep your money in your pocket!

How it started…

On a sunny afternoon in 2009 Tirecomp co-founder Mickaël had to search for new tires for his mom’s old Ford Fusion. He spent hours browsing the web in order to find the best deal.

By comparing the offers he also noticed the huge differences in prices which went up to $80 dollars for a regular car tire! That’s when he started Tirecomp, the first tire price comparison website that aims at finding the cheapest tire deals at a click. Because, what can be worse than having a flat tire and not having enough money to afford a new one? More than 1 million drivers throughout the world trust on our service, join the ride!

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Our tire price comparison business

Tyrecomp is a tire search engine that enables you to find rock-bottom tire prices within a second. We list tire prices of the main tire websites in the US. Among them are the leaders Tire Rack and TireBuyer. But you will also find dealers like Walmart, Discount Tire Direct, Priority Tire or 4 Wheel Parts that are less known for selling tires online but offer very affordable prices.

All of our retailers are selected carefully which is why you can buy tires via Tirecomp with your eyes closed.

Why should I order car tires online?

Ordering new car tires online saves you the trips to different stores. Also, when you buy your tires online, you can get them directly delivered to your installer which means you do not have to pick them up at the tire dealer’s store yourself. Last but not least by comparing tire prices online you will always get the latest deals since the prices on Tirecomp are updated every hour.

How does our tire comparison website work?

How does Tirecomp get the best tire prices in my area?

Professionals relay their tire price catalogue to us, so that we can update prices on our tire comparison site every hour. This leads to up to hundreds of millions of updates each month. You can therefore get the latest tire prices without leaving the house!

How does Tirecomp sort tires?

We display tire deals in ascending order, from the cheapest tires to the most expensive. For this reason, you will always find cheap car tires at the beginning of the result list.

We only sort tires according to their full price, delivery included. Tirecomp is fully independent and none of our trading partners can pay us to affect the results. The listing you see is only and even-handedly based on new car tire costs (we do not display used tires).

How do I check tire prices online?

You just have to enter your tire dimensions – width, height, and diameter – in the search boxes along with the tire load and speed ratings. You find these details on your tire sidewall and in your car documents. If you need additional help, check out our buying guide! This section contains many tips and information about tire maintenance, tire mounting, etc.

On Tirecomp, you can also specify the tire brand you want. Among the 400 brands you will find premium tire brands like Michelin, Continental and Pirelli, intermediary brands like Nexen and Nokian and not to mention the large offer of budget and discount tires.

Once you have filled in the search boxes, click on “Search”. You will get a list of the best prices for tires corresponding to your criteria.

On the result page you can compare the tire prices of different models and brands. When you have found the best deal, click on “Visit store” and purchase your new tires in our partner’s online store.

What tires for my car?

Is it ok to buy cheap tires?

You might be attracted to the cheapest tires while going through our price lists. However, keep in mind that a low price does not always mean good quality and performance. In many cases cheap tires go hand in hand with a lower grip and therefore less car handling. They also have a shorter durability and can give rise to a higher fuel consumption. In any case, make sure that the chosen tire matches your driving style, the types of road you take, and the season.

What are the best tire brands?

While premium tire manufacturers – Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, Goodyear, Dunlop and Hankook – design high quality tires, some other brands also offer an excellent value for money.

If you have difficulties choosing from the variety of brands, results of independent tests may help you select your tire model confidently. The tests consider several criteria, like tire grip (on dry or wet ground), stopping distance, fuel consumption and ride comfort.

What are the most popular car tires in the US?

When it comes to manufacturers, consumers largely prefer renowned brands. Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone are the top 3 tire brands browsed by users to get tire prices in the US.

Besides, the choice of new car tires depends on the season. While winter gives way to brands specialized on winter tires, in summer, models of all-season tires are gradually gaining ground over summer tires.

In any case we do not simply help you choose the cheapest tires; we also help you find the best value tires online, so you do not break the bank!

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How can I get my tires installed near me?

For many people the main obstacle when buying tires online is the tire mounting. Do not worry, online dealers have already solved this problem: most of them display a list of partner tire installers located in your area and the corresponding mounting prices on their website. At the partner installers’ garages, you can get your car tires delivered and mounted. The tire mounting price depends on the type of tire – car tires, 4x4 tires, truck tires, motorcycle tires, van tires, etc. – the tire size in inches and the type of rim. Most of the time the mounting also includes tire balancing and valve change.

Now you are all set to compare tire prices before ordering car tires online. Tirecomp is the perfect tool to search your new car tires! For any remaining questions, feel free to use our contact form. We will be happy to guide you!